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        學前教育大學畢業論文 對國內外學前教育現狀

        版權:原創標記本站原創 星級:★★★★★5.0主題:學前教育畢業5000范文 級別:完整職稱論文 范疇:博士學位論文 論文范文編號:biyelunwendq0355230 期刊發表:核心期刊 全文字數:2000字 投稿作者:amdcds 審稿編輯:專家學術家 閱讀次數:33651


        Elizabeth U. Cascio;  Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach   2013   The Impacts of Expanding Access to High-Quality Preschool Education   National Bureau of Economic Research NBER Working Paper No. 19735  JEL No. I21,J22

        The Impacts of Expanding Access to High-Quality Preschool Education

        學前教育畢業5000論文 學前教育畢業5000





        有關論文范文主題研究: 關于學前教育論文范文 大學生適用: 5000字專科論文
        相關參考文獻下載數量: 15 寫作解決問題: 寫作技巧
        畢業論文開題報告: 標準論文格式、論文總結 職稱論文適用: 期刊目錄、職稱評副高
        所屬大學生專業類別: 學前教育畢業5000方向 論文題目推薦度: 最新學前教育題目

        This study draws together data from multiple sources to estimate the impacts of these “model” state programs on preschool enrollment and a broad set of family and child outcomes. Through the study, researcher find that the state programs have increased the preschool enrollment rates of children from lower- and higher-income families alike. For lower-income families, the findings also suggest that the programs have increased the amount of time mothers and children spend together on activities such as reading, the chances that mothers work, and children’s test performance as late as eighth grade. For higher-income families, however, researchers find that the programs have shifted children from private to public preschools, resulting in less of an impact on overall enrollment but a reduction in childcare expenses, and have had no positive effect on children’s later test scores. It is obvious that there are many impacts of expanding access to high-quality preschool education. As far as i am concerned, maybe there will not be much impacts on children’s future higher education, but it can exerts great influences on the preschool education period. As is known to us all, childhood experience and education can deeply affect children’s development. It is necessary to find out both the positive and negative side of preschool education. Proper measures are supposed to be adopt to promote the development of preschool education for the sake of children’s growth.

         Brigit Maguire, Ben Edwards  2011   The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children Annual statistical report 2011 Australian Institute of Family Studies  Vega Press p57-66

        The LSAC(Longitudinal Study of Australian Children) Annual Statistical Report, aims to provide data that enable a comprehensive understanding of children’s development within Australia’s current social, economic and cultural environment (Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs [FaHCSIA], 2009). The longitudinal nature of the study enables researchers to examine the dynamics of change as children develop, and to go beyond the static pictures provided by cross-sectional statistics. The study thereby gives policy-makers and researchers access to quality data about children’s development in the current Australian environment. In this report, it covers the access to preschool education in the year before full-time school. Preschools and early learning centers have remained the province of educators, with a higher proportion of qualified teachers and a clearer focus on curriculum and pedagogy than typically found in child care, which i think it is a good thing. Child care is the most basic and also most important thing during childhood. More attention should be attached to curriculum, pedagogy and morality education in preschool education. But i am not saying that child care is not important. Instead, it functions as the basis for preschool education. Only when we have done a good job in preschool education, can we move onto curriculum and pedagogy. 



        Bi Ying Hu & Kejian Li   2012  The Quality Rating System of Chinese Preschool Education: Prospects and Challenges, Childhood Education,  Routledge  88:1, 14-22

        In the The Quality Rating System of Chinese Preschool Education: Prospects and Challenges, it mentions the measures that China has taken to improve the quality of preschool education, from the government level to inpidual level. It also analyze Chinese preschool quality rating system, challenges to the Chinese preschool education quality rating system as the disparities among urban and rural, public and private kindergartens and kindergartens in different regions. Recommendations are also offered. I contend that first of all, all real situation of preschool education must be clearly demonstrated. We must strengthen people’s awareness of the current circumstances. Moreover, we should learn from the past experiences and extract the essence of foreign advanced experience on preschool education. 

         Hirokazu Yoshikawa  2014   Investing in Our Future: The Evidence Base on Quality Preschool Education        Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy Ohio State University P32-44

        In investing in Our Future: The Evidence Base on Quality Preschool Education, it analyzes several questions raised by current proposals and proposed legislation, the quality matters for children, the effective measures to high quality, the long or short pattern effects and the return on the investment on preschool education. In my opinion, what really matters in preschool education is quality rather than quantity. One-year quality education is much better than two-year quantity education. For specific targets, different principles and measures should be formulated. Moreover, the key experience of Boston’s practices are to be learned for the development of quality preschool education.

         Robyn Margaret Anderson 2014  Every Blooming Thing: The Growth of Preschool Education    The International Journal of persity in Education    The International Journal of persity in Education, Volume 13, Issue 2, p1-11

         Every Blooming Thing: The Growth of Preschool Education shows the long term positive effects of high quality preschool for children born in poverty have strengthened arguments that high quality early education is not only beneficial for all children but the earlier the disadvantage gap is closed, the narrower it may be in the future for some children. While preschool education may be one way of preparing children for school and addressing early disadvantage and inequity, it is also important that preschool curriculum and programs are situated within the social context and culture of the community. It is for sure that preschool education can help children to get prepared for school. Given that there is a huge disparity and gap among different regions and countries, from the inpidual to the government, all should realize the current picture of preschool education. More importantly, effective measures are in an urgent need to improve the development of preschool education.

        Cook, Pamela R.   2012    Preschool Education in Belize, Central America

        Forum on Public Policy: A Journal of the Oxford Round Table   Harvard School Press P45-56

        In the Preschool Education in Belize, Central America, it mentions that despite the convincing argument for the importance of early childhood education world-wide, more than 200 million children under the age of five and living in developing countries do not reach their developmental potential. Although curriculum reform in international sense is not new, early childhood research in developing countries favors developmentally appropriate strategies and innovative early learning opportunities for healthy growth and development of young children. It is true that preschool education in different countries have great disparity. As the wealth gap among countries, more attention should be paid to the preschool education in developing countries and less developed countries. The whole world is a unit, the advanced should shoulder the responsibility to help the less advanced. In addition, the less advanced countries should value the preschool education first, and take actions to improve it. Investigations should be conducted to know the detailed situation. Governmental support in finance and human resources can make a difference. 







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